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Winter Tires

Benefits of Winter Tires

During the winter, at nearly 7 C and below, the tires that are specifically made for the summer begin to harden and dramatically lose their ability to grip the road. Winter tires are specifically made to give the vehicle flexibility and grip the road even in a weather were the temperature is as low as -30 C.

Superior Traction

Winter tires feature thin slits across the tread which are designed to allow your vehicle to grip onto the ice as well as any snow that is sticking to the road. This tread pattern prevents a lot of snow from accumulating on the tires.

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Better Braking

There are situations when drivers seem to panic and promptly tap the break pedal. As a result, the car might actually begin skidding when you are using tires that are not appropriate for cold, icy, and frosty surfaces. Winter tires allow your vehicle to regain control and reports show that the stopping distance might be nearly 30 percent better.

Hydroplane Resistance

As tires come into contact with frosty and cold surfaces, the ice underneath might actually melt which results in a lot of water which makes your vehicle lose control. Proper winter tires decrease the chances of this kind of incident through hydroplaning. Winter tires have grooves that manage the push the water on an angle to the sides.

Snow Maneuverability

During the winter, snow does fall quite a bit. Winter tires are slightly thinner which aids the vehicle into piercing through the snow rather than driving over it.