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Hunter Road Force Balancing

When it comes to road force balancing services, we pride ourselves on using the best balancing machine on the market: the Hunter Road Force Touch®. We provide road force balancing to customers in Windsor, ON, Amherstburg, ON, LaSalle, ON, and surrounding areas.

What is Road Force Balancing?

Normal wheel and tire balancing detects the imbalances in your wheel tire assembly. Road force balancing can detect the up and down motion of the tire created by the road. This process will detect bulges and hard spots that are typically missed by regular wheel balancing machines.

Imbalances in the wheel tire assembly can cause wobbling as the tire rotates. The wobbling will lead to vibrations that increase with speed. These vibrations will eventually cause abnormal tire wear and put abnormal strains on your suspension.

By applying 1,250 pounds of force against the rotating assembly, the innovative Hunter Road Force Touch® quickly identifies the positions and amounts of imbalances. The Smart Weight® Balancing technology improves tire balance through minimization of weight usage and maximized productivity.

Within minutes, Hunter Road Force Touch® pinpoints the root of the following problems:

  • Wheel Imbalance
  • Wheel Run-Out
  • Force Variation of the Tire
  • Mounting Errors
  • And Other Issues

Once issues are identified by our advanced diagnostic equipment, our expert staff will make precise corrections to balance your wheels and ensure peak performance and safety.

Hunter Road Force balancing is guaranteed to perform the most accurate wheel balancing available.  It will solve vibrations issues and vehicle pulling.  It will ensure proper centering and get rid of any setup and configuration errors related to your tire and wheel assembly.