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Computerized Wheel Balancing

Expert tire professionals use computerized wheel balancing to identify weight imbalances in a tire and wheel assembly. A tire and wheel should have the weight distributed evenly throughout the assembly in order to ensure peak performance. Evenly distributed air throughout the tire and a wheel that is perfectly round is ideal. Unfortunately, most tires that come from the manufacturer are seldom perfectly round. Some manufacturers will even mark the lightest part of the tire for drivers to match it with the heaviest part of the wheel. Over time and with normal usage, imbalances will eventually appear in a wheel assembly that is perfectly balanced. Small differences in weight can result in significant damage, vibration, and general irritation to the driver. Computerized wheel balancing is the best way to bring your vehicle wheels and tires back into balance.

Why Should You Have Tire Rotation Services Performed at Heritage Tire Sales?

Your tire and wheel assemblies are susceptible to many weight and balance problems. If you feel or hear vibrations, squealing, or feel your vehicle pulling to one direction more, your wheels and tires may need a balancing service. Our expertly trained staff are on call and ready to provide you with professional balancing services. Our trained professionals will use a computerized wheel balancing machine that will rotate your wheels at high speed and identify any imbalances and install weights in the indicated locations to counter act the imbalances. Properly balanced wheels will result in a smoother ride, better control, and tires that last longer.

We proudly service the Computerized Wheel Balancing needs of customers in Windsor, ON, Amherstburg, ON, LaSalle, ON, and surrounding areas.