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Tire Repair

Hazards of the road will always exist and can pose danger to your tires. Sharp stones, nails, and other debris can puncture a tire when you least expect it. Driving on a flat tire is never recommended and should only be done when you need to drive out of a dangerous situation. The more you drive on a flat tire the less likely it can be repaired from a puncture. Driving on a flat tire for extended periods of time can also result in damage to your wheel as well. It is crucial that the tire is repaired as soon as possible and not driven on for too long before permanent damage is done.

Why Should You Have Tire Repair Services Performed at Heritage Tire Sales?

While repairing your tires, our expert staff uses processes and procedures that are compliant with the Rubber Manufacturer’s Association (RMA). RMA guidelines state that a puncture that is ΒΌ inch or less and located on the tire tread can be repaired. The recommended method for repairing the tire is to use a plug and patch on the tire’s lining. Using a plug and patch can extend the life of your tire that would have otherwise been discarded. Our expert staff can also assist in repairing valve stem damage or tires that are leaking because they are not securely attached to your wheel. Repairing your tires properly and with trained professionals will ensure your safety and save you money over the long run.

We proudly service the Tire Repair needs of customers in Windsor, ON, Amherstburg, ON, LaSalle, ON, and surrounding areas.