Tire Care Tips

At Heritage Tire Sales, we would like our customers in Winsdor, ON, Amherstburg, ON, LaSalle, ON, and other nearby locations have optimal tire performance and to follow any schedule in their owner’s manual.

Proper maintenance of tires is important for optimal vehicle performance. Maintaining your tires by checking tire pressure, rotating your tires, replacing your tires, and ensuring that your tires are well-balanced is essential for your vehicle’s performance and reliability.

Use the following tips to help you stay on top of tire maintenance:

  • Be certain that tires are properly inflated by routinely checking tire pressure. If tires are not properly inflated, this can result in too much heat and uneven tire wear. In addition, this will result in difficulties with braking, which will lead to structural failures such as the tread being separated and slightly damaged. Tires that are properly inflated will increase the life of the tires and the overall safety of your vehicle.
  • Adhere to the schedules of proper tire rotation. You can refer to your owner’s manual for the suggested rotation patterns. Regular tire rotation will enhance and align the tire wear. Equally important, routine tire rotation will not necessarily put a stop to wear issues that are a result of mechanical components in bad condition.
  • You must be certain that tires are properly aligned and balanced. Tires that are out of balance can be noticeable while driving on high-speed roads. Ensuring that tires are well-balanced when they’re installed in the beginning and when they’re replaced is vital.
  • Be ensured to install tires in pairs. Installation of one new tire can result in instability and handling issues. When two new tires are needed, two tires should be installed at the rear of your vehicle and two tires should already be at the front of your vehicle.
  • When new tires need to saved for the new season, be certain to store them in an area that doesn’t receive sunlight and attract a lot of moisture. Tires should be kept away from grease oil and ozone-producing equipment that have negative effects on tires.
  • Be aware of any holes, cracks, entrenched objects, or any abnormal tire damages.
  • It is important to keep a spare tire available. Ensure that it is not worn and properly inflated.

Take these tips and suggestions into account while maintaining your tires. The Rubber Manufacturer’s Association strongly suggests that you take around five minutes each month to check for anything abnormal with your tires. There might be other mechanical issues that might hinder the optimal performance and safety of your vehicle.

By properly maintaining your tires and vehicle, you will keep yourself and passengers very safe, increase the life of your tires and have a positive impact on the environment.

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