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Tire Purchase and Installation

Purchasing new tires after your current set is completely worn out is an important part of maintaining your vehicle. Choosing the right tire is crucial and will depend on the type of usage. A vehicle that does heavy towing will require high load rated tires. Better traction tires may be required in areas with high rains. When you buy and install tires with us, our expert staff will ask all the right questions and ensure that you receive the best possible tires for your situation, and that those tires are installed correctly. Contact our professionally trained staff today to learn more about our tire services.

Why Should You Have Tire Purchase and Installation Services Performed at Heritage Tire Sales?

Whether your tires are worn out or you are just unsatisfied with your current pair, purchasing tires with us guarantees first class service provided by our trained experts. Worn out tires will not perform the way you need them to and picking the right tire and installer are crucial to achieving the performance you deserve. Worn tires can heat up and puncture easily providing for a dangerous driving experience for you and other drivers on the road. Worn out tires may not be the only reason you want to change your tires. Having tires that are inadequate for your environment or needs could result in a situation where your tires are wearing out faster than expected. Our expert staff can help you identify the right tire for your situation.

We proudly service the Tire Purchase & Tire Installation needs of customers in Windsor, ON, Amherstburg, ON, LaSalle, ON, and surrounding areas.