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Wheel Services

Typically, wheels are cast or forged out of steel, aluminum, or aluminum alloy. Casting involves pouring liquid metal into a mold that later hardens. Forging, on the other hand, involves heating and machining a wheel into the desired shape using computer numerical control (CNC) lathing equipment. The center of a wheel consists of mounting holes arranged in a bolt pattern that is used to attach the wheel to a vehicle. The flange is the outer most lip of the wheel and is flared to form a bead seat which holds the tire and provides an airtight seal. The inside of the wheel contains small elevated sections called safety humps which prevent the tire from falling into the drop center part of the wheel in the unfortunate event of a blowout. This allows you to maintain a straight line while driving with a flat tire. The previously referred to drop center is the center section of the wheel which has a smaller diameter and provides a way for technicians to remove and install tires. We are a one-stop shop for all your wheel and tire needs and our expert staff is ready to provide professional services and affordable prices.

Benefits of Wheel Services

Whether you are in the market for new wheels because you want to improve your vehicles steering responsiveness or just want to sharpen its look, our wide selection of wheels is sure to cater to your needs. We carry a wide selection of car, truck, and SUV wheel brands, sizes and styles. If there is something you want and we don’t have it in our inventory, we will special order it upon request. Our expertly trained staff will ensure that your newly purchased wheels are balanced and mounted properly and will be more than happy to answer your questions and explain the difference between different materials, offsets, and possible bolt patterns.

Heritage Tire Sales proudly serves the Wheel Services needs of customers in Windsor, ON, Amherstburg, ON, LaSalle, ON, and surrounding areas.